We combine web design and development, social media, search engine optimization, and online advertising, into measurable campaigns to help you meaningfully connect with your audience and effectively grow you business.

Our Methodology


We weave together every online space your business needs and effectively engage your audience - generating powerful and measurable results. We can help you strengthen your brand online to generate the most effective results - again and again and again.


Every business is unique and has a different target audience. Choosing the appropriate social media platforms to market your business is just as important as the strategy implemented. The right platform paired with the right strategy will deliver results!


A functional, mobile-friendly website is a necessity today. Imagine a website that not only works flawlessly on any device, but also is easy to update with a simple user interface tailored to your business' needs.


Let's break traditions when it comes to your marketing spend. Online paid advertising provides you with unmatched analytics to measure your ROI and the ability to modify at anytime during the campaign to get the most out of what you spend. Say "bye-bye" to traditional advertising!


Your target audience is searching online and you want to be found. Vuepoint is the perfect matchmaker using technology to strategically bring the quality traffic you’ve been looking for.

Walk through our doors and you'll find a fast paced, highly energized group of individuals who are dedicated, light-hearted, and always results driven.

Wes Baerga

WES BAERGA - Digital Marketing Strategist and Client Development

Always on the lookout for meaningful, long-term relationships, growth opportunities and amazing results for clients. A constant ideating and strategy producing machine, he creates unique campaigns by learning about our clients’ audience.

Wes' Blog Posts

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Mashell Phillips

MASHELL PHILLIPS - Digital Media Designer & Social Media Specialist

A true Digital Media Designer and Tech Queen, Mashell keeps Vuepoint and our clients up-to-date with the constantly changing world of search, social media, and digital marketing when launching new projects and campaigns.

Mashell's Blog Posts

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Cassandra Flores

CASSANDRA FLORES - Account Executive & Wordsmith

If you're a client of Vuepoint, most likely you'll have the pleasure of dealing with Cassandra. She handles client relations and keeps your project on track! With plenty of experience in crafting the perfect arrangement of words for websites, blog posts, or landing pages, your campaign will be optimized for success.

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Jennifer Soliz

JENNIFER SOLIZ - Project Coordinator Extraordinaire

With her hands in all things Vuepoint, Jenn keeps the ball rolling, projects moving, and Vuepoint on track. A daily feat that continuously propells the success of our clients.

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Vuepoint Creative Team

JOIN THE TEAM! - Are you the newest talented addition to Vuepoint?

Monday morning production meetings, photoshoots, team lunches, campaigns, strategy, and constant teamwork. We’re a team of talented individuals who are passionate about our craft - Sound like your cup of tea? Then make your introduction - we’d love to chat with you.

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Wes Baerga
Wes from the Vuepoint Team

Mashell Phillips
Mashell from the Vuepoint Team

Cassandra Flores
Cass from the Vuepoint Team

Jennifer Soliz
Jenn from the Vuepoint Team
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