OBST Designs came to us for the design of their first website, which we crafted entirely from scratch.

OBST Designs, an interior design group, firmly believes in creating a space you can be proud of, and we wanted to translate this message to both target audiences, residential and enterprise, on the website.

We designed the website to be completely “responsive,” allowing for optimal viewership experience and audience engagement across all devices, from smartphones to large desktop computers. We chose an image-heavy theme that grabs attention, serves as an online portfolio, and showcases their artistic strengths. Additionally, to help build trust, we included a photo of the designer and relevant testimonials from previous clients and industry expert connections.

Content was written to educate the audience, by including case studies (listed as featured residences) and step-by-step overviews of design client’s design and thought processes. To provide credibility to online visitors, we used rationale in explaining how the designer met the needs of her clients’ goals, including quotes from the designer. Messaging needed to appeal to both of client’s target audiences (residential and enterprise). Copy for the residential audience was central to: “building custom homes and interiors that inspire.” There was also a focus on “realizing your dream vacation home.” For our business and enterprise audience, we reinforced: “Renew your office, boost your productivity and profits.”

OBST Designs Website

Our use of the use of geo-tag linked to the website’s blog adds a powerful dimension, and visually sends a message to our online audience that our client has an culturally diverse range in her artistic ability.

It was important to OBST Designs that they be able to efficiently manage the website without any advanced technical knowledge. In meeting these needs, the final product is structured so that our client is able to easily update settings, copy, and media through the WordPress dashboard, without needing the help of a developer for timely and convenient optimization.

We invite you to take a look at the final product: OBST Designs.