No one thinks they’ll need a criminal defense lawyer until they do. Most likely, people can’t simply ask friends, family and colleagues for a referral due to maintaining their privacy or just a lack of referrals. So where do you turn when you need an answer to your toughest questions? Google.

Attorney at Law, Tylden Shaeffer, represents clients in a variety of specific crimes. With so much information provided by him, we got to work by organizing and optimizing each bit of content to not only display well on his new website, but also play well with search engines. Each category contained sub-categories, which resulted in many pages of content, or as we like to call it, SEO juice.

Organizing Categories

The website design acts as a resource for information to his potential clients and also informs them of Attorney Shaeffer’s credentials. We implemented a design that highlights his accreditations, experience, and multilingual skills.

Highlight of Skills & Accreditations

Of course, no website is up to standard without multi-device responsiveness. Whether the user is on their phone, tablet or computer, Tylden Shaeffer’s website will display beautifully. This functionality also wins brownie points with Google which means better SEO.

Responsive Attorney Website


The ultimate goal is to prompt the visitor to contact Tylden Shaeffer. Each page features a simple form to initiate the conversation as well as a large phone number prominently displayed with his office location so the user can make contact in the way they feel most comfortable.

Mobile Responsive Contact FormLocation & Contact

The website is a great start, but in order to remain competitive and to continue improving, relevant content needs to be added on a regular basis. A blog was just the tool needed to allow Tylden to post educational articles, his latest case outcomes, and the developments that affect criminal law. These blog posts may not seem like much, but each and every post eventually gets indexed by Google, and if written well, will be relevant in many potential client searches or at the very least, help someone in their research.

Attorney Blog


With a custom, modern design, mobile responsiveness, and a load of great content, this website has a bright future in the land of SEO. And we’ll be keeping our eye on those keyword rankings to keep our work focused as we continue on our digital prowess with Attorney Shaeffer.