FutureX is a San Antonio based company specializing in data encryption and security. They came to us needing a slick, modern website for their cloud based secure storage service, VirtuCrypt.

Vuepoint Creative provided VirtuCrypt with a clean, modern design, custom tailored to fit their many needs and large number of pages. Due to the large number of pages, we provided VirtuCrypt with a variety of customizable page layouts so that each page can display its information in the best way possible. Thanks to WordPress and some of our own custom work, all of these page layouts are completely editable through an easy to use backend interface that doesn’t require any web development knowledge from the Virtucrypt admins.

VirtuCrypt Web Design

VirtuCrypt Web Design

VirtuCrypt’s is completely “responsive,” which allows the website to adapt to the size of the device it is being viewed upon. This form of mobile compatible design and development allows for the site to be easily browsed on large desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and everything inbetween. The site was also heavily optimized to be fast loading, averaging a site load time of at or under one second!

VirtuCrypt Mobile Compatibility

VirtuCrypt also features a resources section that allows visitors to browse a list of available resources and have their desired resources emailed directly to them. The automated system allows for visitors to have the resource emailed directly to them, or to put the visitor in contact with a VirtuCrypt representative. Virtucrypt also wanted to make sure they had detailed stats on all the downloads that occured through their resource library, so we made sure their admins had an easy to use backend interface that provided all the details they needed to see where and when downloads were occurring – complete with graphs and date ranges.

VirtuCrypt Resources Section

This particular web design and development project was a full team effort. Every aspect of the website, including loading speed, ease of use, competitiveness, content organization strategies, hosting provider, usability, mobile responsiveness, browser compatibility, and more, were all scrutinized to provide a site for Futurex and their Virtucrypt team. We’re proud to call them a client!